From Workshop Intensive and Coaching Clients:

” Your efforts have single handedly transformed my life, and empowered me to really own my true self and open myself up to all the possibilities out there, kinky and otherwise.” Ben – Sex Coaching Client and Workshop Participant

“The whole experience was a huge positive in our sex life and made us even closer to each other.” Tim – Sex Coaching Client and Workshop Participant

“First and foremost, thank you again for arranging the Skype consultation with me.  It was really helpful, interesting, and honestly, quite thrilling.  I was a little nervous to talk to someone, beyond my husband, about sex in such an open manner.  I don’t even talk too much about sex with my best girlfriends.  You have had so many more experiences sexually than I have had, so the thought of talking with you kind of intimidated me.  That being said, you have a very approachable vibe which set the tone for our meeting right from the start.  I felt like I was talking to a friend and not a stranger.  My fear melted away immediately.  Plus, it was just fun.” Barbara – Sex Coaching Client and Workshop Participant

“My Sir, was immediately impressed and was excited to hear about our conversation.  He was very much thrilled about how I fulfilled my assignment – and of course intrigued by our meeting.  I told him about it while we were out to dinner and his eyes danced as I explained the discussion, what I learned, and that I had been practicing.” – Cynthia – Sex Coaching Client and Workshop Participant

“My wife and I just attended your fellatio workshop at Kink.  It was fantastic.  (We especially appreciated your comments about churning the energy, using your whole body.) ” – Thomas – Sexuality Workshop Student


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