About Madison

Madison Young is a sex positive Tasmanian devil. This sexpert grew up in the suburban landscape of Southern Ohio before moving to San Francisco, California in 2000. Since then this mid-western gal has dedicated her days to facilitating safe space to dialogue on the topic of fringe identities and cultures as well as documenting healthy expression of sexuality. Young’s breadth of work in the realm of sexuality spans from documenting our sexual culture in her feminist erotic films to performing for over a decade in mainstream pornography and becoming an icon in the genre of feminist pornography.  Young has been awarded 5 feminist porn awards and numerous AVN and XBiz nominations for her directorial works, has directed 40 erotic feature films and performed in over 500 pornographic scenes.  Young values sexual education and holds a certification as a CSE (Certified Sex Educator) through SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information Training program). Her work extends to teaching workshops, lectures, individual sex & relationship coaching and acting as a panelist on the topics of sexuality, feminism and pornography, and kink around the world including at Yale University, Hampshire College, University of Minnesota, and UC Berkeley. Her writings have been published in books such as “The Ultimate Guide to Kinky Sex”, “Baby Remember My Name”, “Rope, Bondage, and Power”, and “In Soumises”. Young’s newly released memoir “Daddy” is available at bookstores everywhere and is gaining critical acclaim from the likes of Belle Du Jour, Diablo Cody, and Dave Navarro.


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